Why Stay With Us

Genuine Hospitality

Someone once said it’s the journey not the destination. We beg to differ.

Don’t get us wrong, we love a good journey; we live in Southern Oregon where outdoor adventures and one of a kind experiences abound.

Between the true blue waters of Crater Lake and the prehistoric tunnels of the Oregon Caves is a land of lush farms, winding waters flowing in wild rivers, vineyards growing every variety of grape you can think of, picturesque downtowns to shop and stroll, and a nearly year-round Shakespeare festival boasting productions rivaling ones you’d see in London itself.

But at the end of the day, we believe visitors to Southern Oregon are entitled to more than just room, board and a bite to eat. That’s why our hotels, spas and restaurants are destinations in their own right, just as elevated and unforgettable as this magical place we call home.

The moment a guest pulls up to one of our properties, they can tell they are in for something wonderfully and completely different. We have rebuilt and refurbished every one of our properties, which means we didn’t inherit an aesthetic, instead we let the soul of each place speak to us, as we created our own. Every vintage print, each period chandelier, every single curiosity in each curiosity cabinet, each ingredient in every dish on all our menus, and each person who works on our team were chosen for a reason.

These details conspire together to tell a story, set a mood, evoke a feeling, and transport our guests so they feel like they have truly arrived somewhere, instead of just being anywhere. This same sense of style extends to how we treat our guests. We have a simple philosophy that harkens back to the golden age of travel. We treat our guests how we’d want to be treated. It seems almost obvious until you travel and realize how rare this feeling is.

You can feel it in the warm welcome at check-in and attentive service throughout a stay, the love and craft that goes into each dish we plate, and you can certainly feel it if you get a massage at any of our spas. Our team includes a full-time gardener at Lithia Springs Resort, bartenders with their own line of bitters at Larks, and dozens and dozens of other wonderfully unique people who give our guests a truly memorable experience.

We feel honored that each and every guest that steps through our doors has chosen us, and we do everything we can to ensure their visit to Southern Oregon is exquisite and beyond their expectation.